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                        The 2017 Texas Emergency Management Conference

Guidelines for Obtaining CE Credits

Out of Agency Training Requirements (Self-Reporting) - TCOLE ETR-32

2017 Conference Presentations
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A Proactive Approach to Disaster Response .pdf
Active Shooter DPS.pdf
Amateur Radio Emergency Services.pdf
Animal Related Needs in Continuity of Operations Planning.pdf
Applicant Briefing Presentation for Conference.pdf
Assistance to Firefighters Grant.pdf
Audit Tips for FEMA Public Assistance.pdf
Basic Radar Analysis and Interpretation.pdf
Best practices in public assistance program management .pdf
Big X TDEM Presentation.pdf
Brazoria County Flood May 2016.pdf
Bring CERT to High Schools.pdf
Caldwell County Hot Air Balloon Disaster.pdf
CDL Information Sharing.pdf
Civil Air Patrol CAPabilities.pdf
Collaborative Emergency Management in Schools.pdf
Common Misconceptions about the FEMA PA Program.pdf
Community Preparedness Education.pdf
Continuity Grant Updates.pdf
Cooke County Storm Shelter Grant Program.pdf
CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Implementation.pdf
Creating a quality hazard mitigation plan.pdf
Cyber Security A Critical Component for Emergency Management.pdf
Dallas County Continuity of Operations Program.pdf
Dealing with multiple disasters.pdf
Deployments in Super Bowl LI, Houston Rodeo and Brazos County.pdf
Developing an Animal Issues Committee.pdf
Disability Taskforce Toolkits Review.pdf
Disaster Planning for Special Events.pdf
Disaster Recovery through the Headlines.pdf
Disaster Resilient Citizens Program.pdf
Disaster Robotics .pdf
EHP GPD TDEM May 2017.pdf
EM 101 What in the world.pdf
Emergency Response Maps and where to get them.pdf
Emergency Sheltering Best Practices for Emergency Managers.pdf
Emergency Support Functions and Their Core Functional Areas.pdf
FAC Planning for a Non-Federal MFI.pdf
Family Assistance Center Building Centers for Compassion.pdf
Family Matters Reunification in a Mass Casualty Incident.pdf
Fatality Management Planning Jarrell Tornado.pdf
Fatality Management Planning Williamson County.pdf
FEMA Kickoff Meeting.pdf
Flood Cameras.pdf
Flood data for the public.pdf
Fourteen Universities, One Influenza Virus.pdf
Geospatial Weather Intelligence.pdf
GIS Data & Web Services for Emergency Management.pdf
Grant Management System 051617.pdf
Grapevine Lake Dam Failure & Lavon Release Map Exercise.pdf
Health and Human Services Commission Emergency and Risk Management.pdf
HMEP Planning Grant Project Examples.pdf
Homeland Security and Emergency Management in IHEs Texas.pdf
Hospital Preparedness Programs The Next 5 Years.pdf
Houston Chemical Defense Demonstration Project.pdf
Hurricane related products from NWS and NHC.pdf
IA Overview - Urban Dictionary - TDEM Conference 2017.pdf
Identification and Prioritization of Mission Essential Functions Overview.pdf
Invisible and mental health disabilities.pdf
Leadership Development.pdf
LEPC and Warehouses.pdf
LL From Recent Disasters - Use of New Technology For Rapid Recovery.pdf
Lessons learned during IMT deployments.pdf
Making the POETE process work.pdf
More Than a Cot - Disaster Emotional and Spiritual Care.pdf
NIMS Update.pdf
NQS Short Presentation with Tech.pdf
Of Course We Have A Plan.pdf
Operation Lone Star.pdf
Origins Emergency Management in Texas.pdf
Out of the Ashes, Building of a Refinery Emergency Response Team for All Hazards.pdf
Peer Planning Workshop Emergency Public Information.pdf
Post Disaster -Damage Assessment.pdf
Post disaster damage assessment BOAT.pdf
Preparedness Update.pdf
Preparing for a Disaster at Home.pdf
Radiation Events in North Texas.pdf
Radiation Refresher and Detection Planner.pdf
Radioactive Waste Transportation Notifications.pdf
Recovery Mitigation and Standards.pdf
Preparing for a Disaster at Home.pdfPreparedness Update.pdfPreparedness Update.pdf
Reporting Pipeline Incidents.pdf
Resilience Adaptation or Mitigation.pdf
RGV Aeromedical Hurricane Evacuation Full Scale Exercise.pdf
Seismic Monitoring Program in Texas.pdf
Stressed Who's Stressed.pdf
Tactical Marine Unit.pdf
TDEM-Post Disaster.pdf
Texas Disaster Behavioral Health Services.pdf
Texas Emergency Management Assitance Team (TEMAT).pdf
Texas Flood Response Study 2016-2017.pdf
Texas Flood Response System.pdf
Texas General Land Office Spill Prevention and Response.pdf
Texas Search and Rescue.pdf
Texas Terrorism Threat Overview .pdf
The Benefit of Having an LTRG.pdf
The National Water Model.pdf
The Role of Mitigation in Public Assistance .pdf
The State of Mind - Outreach of Limited English Populations.pdf
This That or the Other Powerpoint_TEMC 051817.pdf
Tier II Chemical Reporting.pdf
Understanding the Voices in Your Head.pdf
Upcoming Operational Technology.pdf
Updated Texas Annex R Search and Rescue.pdf
Urban Search & Rescue.pdf
Warning Coordination Meteorologist.pdf
What can we do for you (SMT).pdf
What’s Risk Got to do With it.pdf
When Disaster Strikes (2).pdf
Where RMS fits in TDEM.pdf
Wildfire IST Response.pdf
Wireless Emergency Alerts.pdf


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