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                        The 2016 Texas Emergency Management Conference

Hosted by Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)—will be held April 4 - 8, 2016 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The conference attracts around 3,000 elected officials, first responders, emergency managers, and decision makers from across Texas.

Tuesday, April 4th - Friday April 8th, 2016

Pre-Conference Classes:
MGT-489 Management of Spontaneous Volunteers
G-272 Warning Coordination Course
AMBER Alert Basic  Course
MGT-347 ICS Forms Review Course

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
200 E. Market Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Continuing Education (CE) Credit Information Page

Post-Conference Presentations
2015 Texas Flooding…A Panel Discussion.pdf
2016 Field Response Regional Meeting.pdf
4 More Minutes to Help You Save Lives.pdf
6th WMD-CST.pdf
Active Threat Program and Development .pdf
All Hazard for Educational Institutions 2016.pdf
Animal Issues Presentation.pdf
Brazos Co Sheriff's Office LTE.pdf
Building Veterinary Medical Capacity.pdf
CBRN Response Enterprise 101.pdf
Comparing The 2013 and 2015 Central Texas Floods.pdf
Continuity of Operations and Emergency Management.pdf
Creating Robust Emergency Operations Plans Using The Planner’s Toolkit.pdf
Crisis and Consequence Management .pdf
Crisis Communication.pdf
Damaging Winds Can Do That.pdf
December 26th Tornadic Outbreak .pdf
Difficult Conversations 033116 Final.pdf
Disaster Recovery in the Digital Age.pdf
Disaster Recovery Strategic Funds Management.pdf
Emergency Management Planner’s Guide .pdf
Emergency Management Technology.pdf
Emergency Operations Planning 101.pdf
Emergency Preparedness for Aging Texans.pdf
Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Review.pdf
Family Reunification The Texas Way.pdf
Fanning the Flames.pdf
Fort Worth Regional Radio System Interoperable Communications Governance Structure.pdf
Getting Things Done_AmeriCorps and Senior Corps Resources in Disaster.pdf
How can you help during a disaster.pdf
How Does Financial Reporting and Single Audit Affect Your Grant Funding.pdf
How Green Is My State...Satellite Observations of the Texas Drought.pdf
Individual Assistance Overview.pdf
Is Your Plan Truly Current.pdf
Lessons Learned From Central TX IWT.pdf
Local Hazard Mitigation Plans - A Necessary Precursor.pdf
Lost Person Search Management.pdf
Managing Mental Health Emergencies 4-6 1.pdf
Memorial Day Flood.pdf
Military Deployments and Emergency Management.pdf
National Domestic Preparedness Consortium .pdf
NHC for 2016.pdf
Planning for Historic and Cultural Resources.pdf
Planning Get Organized Get Started DSHS.pdf
Post Disaster Damage Assessment.pdf
Practical advice for P25 Radio and CyberSecurity 040716.pdf
Preliminary Damage Assessments.pdf
Procurement Presentation.pdf
Protecting the Texas Electric Grid from EMP.pdf
Public Assistance Grant Documentation Checklist.pdf
Recognizing Explosives.pdf
Regional Recovery Meetings.pdf
Reporting Pipeline Incidents.pdf
Reunification Services.pdf
Rio Grande Valley Hurricane Evacuation Full Scale Exercise.pdf
Search and Rescue.pdf
Secondary Disasters Are you Ready.pdf
Single Audit Process.pdf
Social Media Resources for Family Safety and Preparedness.pdf
State Level SAR Resources.pdf
State of Texas Alert Programs.pdf
State Preparedness Program .pdf
Successful Environmental Assessments for FEMA Grant Funded Projects.pdf
Texas ESF-9 Response to the 2015 & 2016 Historic Floods and Severe Weather.pdf
The Role of Mitigation in Public Assistance.pdf
The Texas LoneStar WebEOC Project.pdf
The Ultra-Marathoners of Human Smuggling.pdf
The Ups and Downs of Home Elevations.pdf
Using Past Weather Events to Predict Future Behavior .pdf
Utilizing New Technologies to Manage Operations in EOC.pdf
Virtual Tabletop Exercise Program VTTX.pdf
Weather Safety for the Family and Community.pdf
What’s New for LEPCs in Texas.pdf
Writing a Good AAR.pdf
Zen and the Art of Stress Management.pdf

Out of Agency Training Requirements (Self-Reporting) - TCOLE ETR-32


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